Saturday, March 9, 2013

Keeping it Real

First, lets start with the News.
Ugh. Right? There's so much negativity there. If the News isn't covering the ever growing Economic Issues, then they're talking about another Shooting, a Robbery, Changing our Amendments.

Granted they're making the world Aware of what's out there; AND Paranoid, Fearful, Depressed, Angry... the list goes on and on.

From my short 29 years, I've grown to realize that Negativity only generates more Negativity, so I wont be rambling on about the Drama and ever growing Tragedies  in the News.

How about a neat little twist. How about, instead, we take a deep look into our lives.
Lets think of 3 Positive words to describe ourselves.
Give yourself a minute to think about this.

Now write those 3 words down.

Now I want to ask you how you came to become what those 3 words stand for.
Think about it. Really think.
Was it instilled in you from the way you were brought up. Did it come from your Mother? Your Father? Or how about the lessons that you've learned from after Having to do things your own way as a Teen?
No matter what your story You Became You from what you've been through.

Okay, now lets look at the bigger picture. Lets take a quick look at all of those people you see in the News. What's their story?
Maybe they feel like they were pushed to their limit.
Maybe it's what they've learned.
Say they robbed someone... Was it a selfish act or do they have children at home that need some pretty severe medical care whether it be Cancer or some other disease. Who knows?!
The News doesn't cover their story does it??
Therefore, you can't really say how far you yourself would go if you were in their position.
Or maybe these people simply have a screw loose. I don't know.
Perhaps they have no sense of Consequences.
Or maybe they don't feel they have anything to live for. I mean, think about it. If they don't value their own lives, then why would they value anyone else's?

Sooo What would bring someone to the point where they don't value their own life??

How do we fix this problem with Society?

Well, as a Christian I can tell you the answer is found in 1st Corinthians. My Favorite is 1st Corinthians Chapter 13 verses 4-7

I want everyone to know that I didn't grow up as a Christian. I didn't grow up going to Church on a regular basis. Nor did I ever read the Bible or understand any of it; but I did pray.
I prayed to God saying, "Dear God if there is a God..."
What did I have to lose.
After that I followed my heart, trusting, having faith that my imaginary God had my life in his hands.
I lived to love and didn't fear a soul.
My life was based on relationships.
As a teen, I lived from friend to friend some days only eating one meal per day or stole just to get a snack.
Even though I had personal issues that I didn't know how to deal with, I graduated High School with a Diploma thanks to the people who helped me along the way. Thanks to the people that helped me with a roof over my head at night from time to time or helped me get a meal here and there.
Thanks to the relationships that I built from people who were willing to help me without expecting anything in return.
I want so sincerely say, "Thank you" to those who helped me. "Thank you so much. You gave me a chance. Even though I seemed a bit out of it and refused to have a conscience... Thank you".


I feel a little daring posting this; but so be it. LOL


  1. I'm with you, Heidi. It's not our place to judge others. I wrote a poem shortly after coming into relationship with Jesus and it goes like this:
    Unless you've walked a mile or two in someone else's shoes,
    it's best you mind your heart and tongue from judging what they do.
    For you don't know exactly where their feet have had to tread,
    What giants they have had to slay,
    what lies that they've been fed.
    You don't know the paths that they've traveling wandering in this world,
    The things they've seen, the shame they feel, the way their life's unfurled.
    Just see them as God's children, some are wandering, some on task,
    and share the love of Jesus to free them from their past.

  2. So true, Heidi... loved your post!

  3. Cheryl.... besides a painter, you are also a writer :)) What an artist!